Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tower, originally uploaded by horsoon.

I just love spiral stairways. This one has a very unique name: DNA Tower.


Anonymous said...

Nice perspective of the tower from below.
DNA Tower sounds interesting...hhmmm...scientific lab or something?

P/S: No problem about the link :)

eastcoastlife said...

Is this in KL?

Thanks for your compliment.

I'm not the usual tourist who goes bonkers on shopping trips and great food! I like to explore a foreign country and learn as much as I can about its culture and tradition.

If I could, I would stay with the locals and experience their lifestyle. :)

You will love some of the beautiful and fascinating places in Korea. I'm sure you would enjoy taking in the sights and remembering them on camera.

I have only a simple digital camera, so I couldn't record the beauty of Korea accurately.

I look forward to your adventures. :)

Anonymous said...

Today I have some Moose-pics at my place :D

Mike said...


I love this shot. The composition is great as the spirals lead you to the peak of the tower.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Ladynred said...

Nice shot of the tower. Interesting name as well! Thanks for the comment.
Scrapbooking and Photography

Indrani said...

Nice angle of the shot, Horsoon.
Your pictures are always different, in the sense: shot with an unique perspective. :)

Horsoon said...

Thanks guys!

This pic was shot in Perth; the tower was located in Kings Park; it was said that it resembles the double helix of deoxyribonucliec acid (whatever it is). Hence it was named the DNA Tower.

It's very unique, if u want to know more check it out here -

The Urban Buddha said...

Really like the composition of this photo. Great perspective. Good job! :o)
My China trip was amazing and tops my list over places I want to return to in a not too distant future.. loved every minture there! :o)
Have a great day!