Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shooting Strangers

It's like people watching, just with a camera to record the moment.  Walking around with a camera, even a phone camera, can bring surprises!

Like father like son

Some people are very good at this, like some street photographers, who are able to shoot at a decisive, witty or poignant moment to capture that 'precise shot' to tell a story.


I, for one, am camera-shy - behind the lens when shooting strangers.  I guess it takes that 'hunter instinct' to become a street photographer, that you are not shy (or feeling uneasy) of simply just jump infront of the intended subject, shoot and walk-away cooly YET (praying hard that) the subject would not be offended and got angry and started bashing me with an umbrella or something...

Donkey in the street

I kept my distance, and chose to 'shoot safe' at a distance or at a subject I was quite sure would not attack me!

Bike Show

But I'm getting a little bored lately and started thinking I may want to get a little more adventurous and try out real street photography ;)

Any street photographers out there to give me some pointers?