Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's in a good photo?

I found this picture which I took with my HP iPAQ few years back - 

Lonely night

This photo was taken not with the usual feel of joy and anticipation as I pressed the shutter (the 'Enter' key, in this case with the iPAQ), but with anxiety and even fear as I made this shot from the wheelchair. I was waiting outside the Echocardiography Room in the hospital one late night, while the radiographers were making the preparations.  

What followed the days after were more radiography sessions, needles, medications, surgery, ICU, physiotherapy sessions, etc.  

This photo reminds me of how much this has changed my life - my job, my family, my lifestyle, even my weight (I lost 10kg ever since!) and my philosophy towards life and almost everything else (except my love for photography).   

This picture may be just another badly composed photo to everyone else, what's more it was shot with a low-res, low-tech phone camera; but it has such great emotional impact on me, and I could really 'feel it' every time I look at it.  

So, I think this is one bloody good take :)

(I hope you like it too!)