Sunday, November 23, 2014


Kuala Lumpur
iPhone 5s

What made me shot this was what came into my mind the first instance, "Hey you are endangering others' lives!".  

I shot it, drove past him, and thought nothing about it until I opened up the photo later in the day.  The stuff he was carrying and the shadow in the picture somehow tell me he wasn't exactly enjoying his ride. It was a beautiful day on a Ducati perhaps but a day job carrying junk on a kapcai it became a long-hot-tiring day ahead.

He may be riding his overloaded bike this way illegally, but I'll give way every time I see him, and pray for his safety.

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Ai Shiang said...

I saw people do these on TV, especially in CHina. Their loads look a lot heavier than those in Malaysia. Life is hard.