Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Train Station

Railway Station
Kuala Lumpur
Leica M-E. Summicron-M 35mm.  f/2 1/4000 ISO 160

Didn't know we have such beautiful building right here in KL.  Was playing tourist on a Sunday and wondered into the administration office of the railway station.  

Railway Station
Kuala Lumpur
Leica M-E. Summicron-M 35mm.  f/2.4 1/3000 ISO 160

Across the road is the old railway station, which was replaced by the not so characteristic KL Sentral.  There's a tunnel to cross over to the other side of the road, and it's surprisingly clean and bright.

Kuala Lumpur
Leica M-E. Summicron-M 35mm.  f/2 1/1500 ISO 160

Then a security found us snapping pictures and he probably thought we could compromise the safety of the beautiful building, and he chased us away  :(  


YTSL said...

If you hadn't informed us, I definitely would not have thought that that first photo was of a place in K.L.! Playing tourist in one's home city can be a fun and enlightening endeavor, I find. Sometimes it pays to look at seemingly familiar places anew. :)

Mei Teng said...

I thought that is a tourist site so photography is allowed? How come the security guy chased you away?

Horsoon said...

Yvonne: you are right, as I've not been to the railway station for many years and I just realised how much I've missed.

Horsoon said...
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Horsoon said...

Mei Teng: I was puzzled too but decided not to spoil my mood. An over-zealous guard or 'Little Napoleon', whatever ;-/

Ai Shiang said...

They maintain the building very well.

Horsoon said...

Ai Shiang: hmm maybe that's why I was chased away by the security guard?

ladyfi said...

Wonderful compositions - and I love the joy in that last shot.