Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photo Factory

Portrait Factory
Leica M-E. Summicron-M 35mm. f/2.4 1/90 ISO 1250

Call me naive, callow, 'jellybean', or whatever, I've always imagined the portraits hung on my friends' walls, especially those graduation portraits - c/w scroll on hands, graduation robe, and a 'serious smile' - would have been taken in a real photo studio, in a somewhat more conducive ambience...  

But what I saw the other day... "Look at the camera and smile,"  "Next!" 

That's a boring way of being a 'Photographer'  :(


Ai Shiang said...

Perhaps outdoor photography would be more fascinating.

Horsoon said...

@Ai Shiang: Outdoor would definitely be better but the weather/lighting/background would be more challenging for 'mass production' :)