Saturday, April 6, 2013

Streets Pictures

It took a trip to Bangkok few months back for me to realize taking street pictures are not as difficult.  

Bangkok Skytrain Station
Lomography Horizon Perfekt. CN film, f/8 1/250 ASA100 

I'm still way far from real street photography where the pros are bold enough to shoot at 3 metres or nearer, practically placing the camera right on the nose of some strangers on the streets.

Fuji X100. 23mm f/5.6 500/1 ISO500

I noticed the shotgun with a (real?) dagger attached, so I decided to 'shoot' him from the back :)  

With friendlier faces however (for example Mr & Mrs Santa - Yes, it was Christmas!), I had no problem asking permission to get a close-up though.

Santa was shopping on X'mas Day
Fuji X100. 23mm f/3.2 250/1 ISO320

On the streets, I used to rush from Point A to Point B, walking quickly ignoring the people I don't know.  Seldom did I give a thought to anything I saw if that was not what I was looking for.  However, since I started learning to take picture on the streets it makes me more observant of the going-ons around me, and I tend to slow down and not hurry to get to my next destination. 

Streets of Bangkok
Lomography LC-W. CN Film Auto ASA400

Noticed we don't see glass Coke bottles in KL?

Cola in Thailand
iPhone 4. Auto

Street pictures are rewarding; it's a new experience for me and it makes me appreciate photography better.  And I may be lucky enough and offered another Lollie :)

Lomography LC-W. CN Film Auto ASA400


YTSL said...

Good shots, Horsoon! :)

Me -- I'm still leery of taking photos of stranger's faces -- or even asking them if I can take their picture... that is, unless they're manning their stalls, that kind of thing!

Anonymous said...

I like Mr & Mrs Santa.

thomas said...

Your street pictures looks very real and interesting.