Sunday, January 27, 2013

Faces of KLCC

The KLCC Twin Towers has been there, as an iconic building for the past 15 years or so.  It's one of the 'must photograph' items for all, locals and tourists alike - including myself :)  

Labor behind the glamour

Doesn't matter the surrounding patchy potholed roads, lousy fenced-up taxi systems, over-crowded mall with foreign workers and window shoppers during the public holidays, the eyesore of smokers gathering at the entrances polluting the air, etc, as we are not going to discuss it in this post; this 88-level building, once the highest in the world, does make an attractive photo shoot subject.

I can't help but noticing this building as long as I'm in the KL city, even when I'm inside another building!

Sky Scrapers

I've taken many shot shots of the Twin Towers for the past years, most of time by chance - glance through the windows, look up from inside the car during the usual traffic jams, walking in the park... and "hey! look, it's the Twin Towers!" and "click"...

Crystal Ball III

... even in reflections, or distorted view during a rain.

KLCC in the rain

Bored while waiting for the wife and daughters shopping in the KLCC mall?  Bring along the camera :)


Even an old-school film camera - this was shot with negative film, using the Lomography Horizon Perfekt.


Day or night, and anytime in betweens, you'll find many different faces of this building. 


... even when it's totally blurred :)

KL Twin Tower


thomas said...

A must but i have't taken any yet,nicely taken shots.

Horsoon said...

Thanks Thomas. Comparing to you, I lack the exposures in nature shots :)

Ai Shiang said...

The night scene with Malaysian flag looking up is one striking shot!

Horsoon said...

Ai Shiang: it was a Merdeka deco, and that's one of my fav shots too.

Anonymous said...

Love the distorted view in the rain and the one with the flag draped over it. Beautiful perspective.

Horsoon said...

Mei Teng: I was in the car during the rain, and chanced upon it when I looked up :}