Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shooting Strangers

It's like people watching, just with a camera to record the moment.  Walking around with a camera, even a phone camera, can bring surprises!

Like father like son

Some people are very good at this, like some street photographers, who are able to shoot at a decisive, witty or poignant moment to capture that 'precise shot' to tell a story.


I, for one, am camera-shy - behind the lens when shooting strangers.  I guess it takes that 'hunter instinct' to become a street photographer, that you are not shy (or feeling uneasy) of simply just jump infront of the intended subject, shoot and walk-away cooly YET (praying hard that) the subject would not be offended and got angry and started bashing me with an umbrella or something...

Donkey in the street

I kept my distance, and chose to 'shoot safe' at a distance or at a subject I was quite sure would not attack me!

Bike Show

But I'm getting a little bored lately and started thinking I may want to get a little more adventurous and try out real street photography ;)

Any street photographers out there to give me some pointers? 


Anonymous said...

I read about a guy named Eric Kim who's really good with street photography. Maybe you can google and check out his blog for tips.

Street photography is interesting but I don't think I have the guts to snap at the risk of having angry people yelling at me or something.

Horsoon said...

Mei Teng: Hey this Eric Kim's a Leica user!

Also check out another street photographer, Kai, closer to home, based in HK - Go to YouTube and search for DigitalRev TV :)

Anonymous said...

Wow -these are really good!

I'm too shy to take people's pics without asking them first.

Carver said...

These are all very good. I'm like you. I'm very shy about street photography. I doubt I'll ever get comfortable doing it except from a distance.