Thursday, July 19, 2012

Size Matters

I must have missed out some great news of some massive discounts on cameras lately (or some give-away campaigns by Nikon/Canon/etc); and I’m not talking about some smallish point-and-shoots, I’m talking about BIG and MEAN DSLR with the longest lens attached to it!  

Ego Shooter

Just when I realized how good an iPhone is in shooting pictures, I found almost everybody's neck on the street, at the parks or in the malls is hanging a camera with a protruding long lens, proudly screaming its brand name (and sometimes complete with the model) all over the neck strap and camera bag.  

Don't get me wrong... I'm really happy to see more people is into photography.  This can only bring good things to happen - newer cameras with more advanced features and perhaps cheaper prices to come!  My only 'grieve' is some of them who lack of some basic etiquette (or manners) when their weapons are drawn.

Like this cheerleader who brings his camera along while performing...

See the cheerleader with a camera?

And he thinks he's the reason why all of us were there for.

A cheerleader can be ugly if he carries a camera along!

Nevertheless, being not tall enough is one of the disadvantages :-/   I'd end up with only shadows in front of me!

Vantange Point

Even worse when someone starts taking video using his DSLR, parking himself in front of you with his arms stretched high in the air and stay put forever (and pretend he's Invisible Man).

CBN Sports Day 2012

I was amused when I was at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held at Putrajaya in March, to find that access to the balloon launch site during the photo shoot session was granted merely based on the size of the camera one carried!!  

My daughter was denied entry simply because she was holding a point-and-shoot, while they didn't even blink as long as one's holding a 'big camera'  :( But some of my favorite shots were taken using my pocket Lomo LC-W film camera!

Balloon Fiesta 2012

Balloon fiesta 2012

There will be no end to this, and it only gets worst judging from the growing numbers of this "Big (cameras) and Mean (people)" phenomenon... No, this does not hinder my fun in photography, I'm still very much enjoying my hobby and trying my best to co-exist with the rest of the (shutter) bugs :)

Meseu de Macau. 澳门博物馆


Anonymous said... sound frustrated. And you're not alone on this. People getting in the way isn't an uncommon thing. You just need to navigate to get a good photography spot.

I thought only those with media passes are allowed into the paddock of the hot air balloon event...that was what I was told the last time I was there.

Oh btw, your images of the hot air balloon with your Lomo camera are great. That goes to show, no matter which brand of camera you shoot with, it's the person behind the camera that matters.

YTSL said...

Hi Horsoon --

In Hong Kong, if I see someone with those huge telephoto lens, my immediate reaction is to assume that they're birding enthusiasts (who seem to have far more impressive -- and heavier -- photo equipment than many professional photographers)! ;b

Horsoon said...

@Mei Teng: I'm more annoyed than frustrated; I understand everyone would want a vantage point during photo shoot, but not at the expense of other photographers (and spectators) by blocking their views.

Horsoon said...

@Yvonne: I don't know any bird watchers here; my immediate connection with those long lenses are sports photographers covering football matches :).

You must be bumping into the bird watchers often while trekking?

Horsoon said...
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thomas said...

Size doesn't matter for a good shot,
some are just for show off.

YTSL said...

Hi again Horsoon --

Yes indeed re my coming across quite a few bird watchers while out trekking/hiking in Hong Kong. :)


good shot with lcw ^.^

Carver said...

I love the shots of the hot air balloons. It's too bad more people aren't polite as photographers and in general for that matter. Good post!

Ai Shiang said...

I think the shadow pix is rather interesting. Sometime the unexpected shot turns out better I think :o)

ancient one said...

I am probaby the person who is in your way taking photos.. no I'm an old lady.. but I do tend to get where I need to be to get the picture.. LOL one of the mean people.. I like your darker shot as well as the really good ones! Really if you ever see me in your way, just ask me to move...

EastCoastLife said...

The hot air balloon pics are impressive. I too have my grouses with mean people carrying huge cameras. Why can't they shoot what they want and let others have a chance by moving away for the next person.