Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet the giant

Meet the giant , originally uploaded by horsoon. - More balloons

Reminds me of Alice slaying Jabberwocky ;)


Me-shak said...

Jaberwocky indeed! You seem to be really interested in these balloons, yeah? Super pictures Haroon!
Excellent work, keep it up!

Ai Shiang said...

You always look at interesting angle. Good shoot.

Anonymous said...

Great illustration of a teeny human up against a giant balloon! :)

Carver said...

Wow, that's great. It's almost surreal.

Anonymous said...

Hot Air Balloon fiesta?
I'm blown over with the shot :P

Anonymous said...

This is an offtopic question. Any tips on getting a perfectly focused self portrait? I set AF on an object where I will be positioned...switch lens to MF and then hit the shutter (on timer). But somehow, the shots come out with a blurred face.