Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Be Good!

Be Good!, originally uploaded by horsoon.

Spoted this at the MRT Station in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

@_@ A couple of cases of people committing suicide on those tracks lead to that warning..*sadz*

Salamat Hari Raya :P

Carver said...

I just read Elaine's comment and that's sad about suicide on the tracks. Before I read that I laughed at "Be Good" because that is what the sign seemed to be saying.

I took a picture of a sign behind a fence at Dover when I was visiting England in the mid 1970s as a teenager. That sign said, Do Not touch anything as it may kill you. My brother and I thought it was so funny until our parents pointed out some of the reasons for the sign on a military site. It was just such an odd sign to us in that kind of strong language.

Sometimes signs that may not be funny when you know why they are there can be hilarious on the surface.

Robert said...

You'd think common sense would be enough that we wouldn't need such signs. It's a good sign though.

YTSL said...

Hope the wordage on the sign is large enough so that people don't have to go to near it to read it!