Saturday, May 31, 2008

Towers Within The Towers

Towers Within The Towers, originally uploaded by horsoon.

The beautiful side of the concrete jungle.


Anonymous said...

The Petronas Towers look good in those reflections :)
I almost kick myself the last time I was standing across the Towers.....without my camera!! *nightmare*
Have a good weekend Horsoon... the weather is good to slack at home :P

Frances said...

Nicely done.
The artwork on my site is not meant to be intimidating but funny.
Those are pictures of the presidential candidates put up by art students.
They made sort of collage caricatures/cartoons.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Cool picture - I like the reflexions :)

firestarter said...

Excellent capture!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow those are neat photos with great captures well done
How would you like to clean those windows?

The Urban Buddha said...

Woah, cool pic! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and commenting on the clay thingie.. I think you thought just right.. ;o) Have a great day!

Mar said...

I love reflections, this is a great shot!