Saturday, April 19, 2008

Away From KL

No idea how beautiful it was far away from the city, from dawn to dusk…


Lazy Morning

Postcard Afternoon

Heavenly Calm

Rainy Wrinkles

Wonderful Sunset

Of course, bringing along a good book, an iPod and good company makes the trip even better :) More shots here...


bukit rasah girl said...

Good work. Shd do a compilation and print your works, self published for a start.

Horsoon said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'll definitely try to improve my works and probably need a sponsor later... Interested? ;)

Moonfish said...

Kenyir~~~ wish I was there.

napaboaniya said...

The last time I visited Terengganu was probably when I was at the height of my father's waist?

Will definitely bring my kids there when they're slightly older to appreciate the peace and quietness there :)