Friday, June 29, 2012

iPhone & Photography

Sunrise by horsoon
Sunrise, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

Photography has come a long way since my first encounter with a Kodak Instamatic my father was using when I was a kid.  Later I grew up to my first SLR and then my trusted DSLR 10 years ago.  The 10-year old Nikon D100 is an excellent camera (except the smaller LCD screen's a little strain to my eyes lately as I need reading glasses now) even up to date.  I have even managed to buy a brand new original battery grip from eBay not too long ago.  

I was always tempted by the megapixels, super-duper sensor, and not to mention the glorious giant LCD screen with the newer models, but as age progresses, so does the financial responsibilities... thus this remains a 'plan', and it will probably stay at this status for a little while ;)

Lakeside, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

I can't say I'm complaining because I'm actually quite happy to find an alternative with my iPhone! Check out all these pictures in this post which were all shot with an iPhone 4.

Explorion, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

There's even a new term coined for it: iPhoneography.  With the numerous powerful (and relatively cheap) editing apps available, these photos were edited on-the-fly either on the iPhone or iPad.

Solitaire, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

I have a blogger friend, YTSL, who is an avid trekker based in Hong Kong.  She has been a regular trekker to almost every 'trekkable' trails in HK, and that made me decided to try out a trekking trail to a reservoir not too far from my home recently.  I brought only the iPhone and it did not disappoint me at all :)

Woke up to a good morning!
Woke up to a good morning, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

No regret waking up early on a weekend and taking the iPhone along!

Trekking trail
Trekking trail, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

Of cause there are stuff the iPhone cannot do as good as the D100, but with the light weight, convenience, powerful editing apps, and fairly good picture quality (and BIG screen!), I'm into iPhoneography ;)

SkyWatch Friday

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Lomo Explore

Morning glory by horsoon
Morning glory, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.
This was shot with my Nikon FE, mounted with a Holga 60mm DSLR adaptor. This plastic lens works fine on my D100 DSLR in manual mode, but the fixed aperture somehow made it impossible on the FE; it's total darkness even under this very sunny bright morning.

I used it like a pinhole camera instead and it turns out magically :)

T in the pool
'T in the pool', a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

Every shot is a surprise...

Benches in the park

This is fun! And it's beyond any digital filters :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Guardian Lion

Guardian Lion by horsoon
Guardian Lion, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.
There's a baby lion on her foot... do u see that?

SkyWatch Friday

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The moon, sun and street light.

Moon & light by horsoon
Moon & light, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

Switch on the streetlight, the moon and the evening sun together, and you get this beautiful cloud!

Trapped in the evening traffic can be an enjoyable moment too, sometimes :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Speed of light

Lighted bike by horsoon
Lighted bike, a photo by horsoon on Flickr.

Beautiful streak of lights in an otherwise boring dark street.